What Is "I'm Up Next" All About?!

"I'm Up Next" is an intense 3-hour workshop that will help guide you taking the proper mindset in chasing your dream, properly identify and strategically approach your goal setting, anticipate your personal challenges and find solutions!


This isn't your typical boring event where you get lectured for 3 hours. If you are into that kind of things, well this workshop isn't for you. We are building a community of goal chasers and dream seekers who are ready to take the next step in 2018! 

Be ready to immerse yourself by into a space with like-minded people that will challenge, help and walk you through practical steps of achievement! It does not matter what stage you are at, from trying to think about what you want for yourself to just starting a business. Learn from professional speakers Kurt Faustin and Joanna de Pena.


  • Learn Tactics & Practical Steps For Accomplishing Your Dreams! 
  • Identify Your Roadblocks & Obstacles 
  • Learn Time Management Techniques to Achieve Your Dreams On Time
  • How To Use Soft Skills & Emotional Intelligence To Support Your Dreams


  • If you're someone who likes to complain instead of looking for the solution, PLEASE stay home!
  • If you rather see your dreams when your eyes are closed at night instead of seeing it every day of your life, PLEASE stay home! 
  • If you are not interested in learning, changing and improving your life, well, PLEASE stay home!



Meet Our Speakers

Kurt Faustin
Kurt Faustin

Featured as an influential speaker and thought leader, he has worked with publications and outlets from YMCA and the Huffington Post, Kurt has an unwavering commitment to ensuring permanent change within the mindset. He is prominent orator that discovered the formula that will decide if a dream or a vision will be accomplished by anyone. The depth of his talks ranges from identifying your dream, being intimate with your dream and taking your next step to make come to fruition. Just as important, his talks remove the mental barriers that hold people back from striving towards their goals. 

Joanna de Pena
Joanna de Penna 

Joanna is a Motivational Speaker and the Founder of Top Notch Scholars. Top Notch Scholars is a Leadership Development Organization that provides motivational speaking engagements, leadership cohort workshops, and conferences for youth and young professionals. Recently, Joanna was awarded Latinos 30 under 30 by El Mundo Boston, New Englands Premier Latino Media Outlet. Joanna has also been recognized as a Gateway City Leader for her tremendous Leadership and Dedication to the youth and community. 

Kurt & Joanna Have Been Featured On And Worked With Brands Such As:


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