Kurt Faustin is an influential speaker and thought leader. He has worked with publications and outlets from YMCA and the Huffington Post, Kurt has an unwavering commitment to ensuring permanent change within the mindset. He is prominent orator that discovered the formula that will decide if a dream or a vision will be accomplished by anyone. The depth of his talks ranges from identifying your dream, being intimate with your dream and taking your next step to make come to fruition. Just as important, his talks remove the mental barriers that hold people back from striving towards their goals. In addition, he volunteers at Massachusetts Community Outreach Initiative, MCOI whose goal is to create a positive transition and support system for men who are released from prison. See Kurt Speak at Harvard University.

Through workshops, seminars, keynote speeches and courses, Kurt's mission is to help people drop out of their school of limiting thoughts, so they can live the life they desire!


Do your students dream beyond a diploma? Or, do they crumble under the pressure?


Your employees are stressed. Which means, your company is losing money.


Identify, cultivate and present your dreams.


"I have had nurses, 

accountants, police 

officers come speak to 

my students...none held 

their interest and had 

them more captivated 

than Kurt."

Adrianne Level

Advisor, Boston Day 

and Evening Academy

"Kurt took the mundane 

and made it extraordinary...passionate delivery mixed with humor and 


Scott Green

President, Toastmasters





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